Midterms Have Me Thinking

As I type this, it’s 2:21 AM. What am I still doing awake? I’m planning my Facebook marketing strategy for my e-commerce business.

Just kidding.

I’m laboring over some chapters in my managerial accounting textbook. My first midterm exam for the class is in about 16 hours. While I don’t mind being awake this late, the fact that I’m not doing something more constructive with this time bothers me. It’s bothered me for some time now actually. I know I can’t avoid studying for a midterm, but there’s something to be said about spending time in the wrong way.

Not that managerial accounting isn’t important (I enjoy accounting), I’ve realized that if it comes down to it, I can pay a professional in the future to do it for me. Out of school, it definitely helps to have a working knowledge of accounting especially if you’re operating your own business (accounting is the language of business after all). But I’m not going to be in the top 10% of accountants. And this goes with anything, not just accounting.

If you don’t plan on putting the necessary time in due to lack of interest or whatever other reason to be an expert, one of the best on that subject, then why bother. Pay someone to do it. The time you save in the short run outweighs the cost you’re paying up front in the long run.

I’m not suggesting paying someone 20 bucks to type your essay just because you don’t feel like it and there is obviously no way to pay someone to study for you; these are just generalized statements with big picture meaning.

If you think the time that you’ll gain from paying someone else to do something so you can pursue other tasks will help you get that money back in multiples in the future, do it. It doesn’t even need to be about money. That time could be spent with your family or exercising. Start looking at the bigger picture and see if there are any aspects of your day you can outsource, especially if you have the means to do so. If it makes sense financially, go for it.

To summarize, maximize your time by paying others who are better than you to accomplish tasks where your time is better spent on something else.

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Win the day.

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