Gotta Love What You’re Doing

I’m busting my ass right now. And if I had a choice, I’d have it no other way. This post is not about me bragging about what I’ve got going on, but an example how if you begin to do things that you truly enjoy or love doing, you create a momentum in your life that in turn unlocks this source of energy and it makes you feel invincible.

I’ll be honest – I’m sick of school and can’t wait to get out, but school is the avenue that allows me to participate in a way I wouldn’t be able to if I weren’t in school. I’ve met some great people at Rutgers so far.

The other night we (Rutgers Venture Capital Club) hosted our second speaker series event- it was a fantastic event. I’m just coming off taking 5 midterms in as many days and I’m pretty drained, but I get energy from the events that we host because I love to do them. I took a second to look on the kids’ faces as the event was coming to a close, and each and every one of them had the look of sincere appreciation and respect for what the club is trying to do for them. Knowing that these kids appreciate these events makes me want to host 50 more for them because I feel like I’m helping them advance a certain part of their lives. There isn’t a much better feeling other than when you know you’re genuinely helping someone.

After that event as I’m walking out of the Student Center to my car, I’m thinking “finally, a break”. I had just finished 5 midterms in as many days and have been dying for some time to finish Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography. Wrong. I get in my car, turn the key, and guess what…click click click click.


After looking around for someone to help me jump it (Damian, who I’m glad I met and if by the slight chance you’re reading this, thank you for trying to help me), a cop shows up and calls another cop to bring over a jump pack to get this thing going. As I’m sitting in the car, I’m freezing. No jacket and the ice cold leather doesn’t help, but what am I worried about? Of course reading some Ben Frank, but more importantly getting out the thank you posts to the kids who showed up and to the speaker who presented. Can’t allow what you can’t control to change your focus. Think and then react to situations like this. I couldn’t possibly have known that my car wouldn’t start after the event. It just was not on my mind because I’m not worried about situations like that.

I think that what seems to push me along all the more is I never think that I’m doing enough. For some people, just taking classes is enough for them. How? You limit yourself by simply going to school and nothing else. This is something I’ve had to learn as well. Coming from a community college, there weren’t really “clubs”*** but I still played baseball. I’m constantly thinking about what other people are doing out there and how there’s someone always doing more than I am. Whenever you undergo something, you’re competing with two people: you and the other guy. You’ve gotta win the battle with yourself before you can think about winning against the other person. Not letting situations like the aforementioned rattle you is a good start.

Formulate -> Strategize -> Act

I’ve had one hell of a week and I’m glad to be heading home this weekend to celebrate my birthday. Head up, keep trudging along.

“It doesn’t get easier but it does get better” – Mike Cernovich

As always, feel free to reach out.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

*** Tip: If you’re interested in something, start a club at school focused on that something to give a reason to start a conversation with a professional by either asking for advice or asking for them to come in and speak – check out my article on networking here.

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